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Basic screen layout

The app has several screen layouts. Here is an explanation of the most common. 

Header info

Enough information is displayed that given your name and a screen shot we would have sufficient data to identify exactly what you are looking at.

For instance, the contractual month is always in the upper right as highlighted here:

Below that we will have a progress bar with the amount you are projected to earn and the progress toward that amount.


The details sections section will contain information about the month, sequence or flight.  It can be opened and closed again as shown in the animation below.

Arrow indicators

More generally any time you see a down arrow it indicates more information can be displayed.

An up arrow means you can display less, and a right arrow (as shown below) invites you to go further in to explore that particular value more in depth.

Drilling down

For instance, if you want to look at the sit-time for a particular flight you might go:

Month > Sequence > Duty Period > Flight > Sit-time

But there may be more than one way to reach the same information.

You Might also go

Summary > Sit-time > …

and then keep drilling down from the sit-time view to access the sit-time for the particular flight you are interested in.


The columns show the hours of pay and the value for those hours (plus any the non-hourly pay like meals and international override).  We show both projected pay and the amount earned so far. Projected and Earned will generally match as soon as the activity is completed.

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