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Comparing a Company Paycheck with the Paycheck Tab

As a final check for the month, it is important to crosscheck the Paycheck Tab categories with the company paycheck. The mid-month paycheck is the gross pay. That paycheck is the one to use. The end-of-month paycheck is just an advance and never used for gross pay comparisons.

First, open the Paycheck Tab in the month that is being examined (example: open the January Paycheck Tab to compare with the 15 February paycheck):

The lower paycheck values are the big money items. In this example, three of them match. Aditional premium does not:

Further investigation is needed in the Summary Tab:

Premium pay is in red which indicates a possible disagreement with company values. (Note: projected and earned are Check My Pay values to show the total projected pay expected and the progress of earning that pay. The two should match at the end of a leg, duty period, sequence or month.

Red always indicates a possible disagreement with company values.) Selecting the Premium pay expands that category for more details:

Opening the premium section reveals that sequence 31269 needs further examination in the HI1 and HI3 to see if the pay was due and, therefore, if a claim should be filed.

The company is continually altering how pay is displayed in the paycheck. We adjust to the new circumstances, but sometimes it might be necessary to combine similar category values to correctly match the Paycheck Tab to the company paycheck.

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