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Highlight underpayments

It’s likely that your number one motivation for using our service is to collect money you might otherwise miss out on. While we monitor your pay, the app gives you direct access by highlighting differences with the company in red and providing footnote explanations. You may need to be patient though. It can take the company as much as a month to report what we calculate immediately.

The pay calculations are deep, so to help you find those potential errors we “roll up” the errors. That is if an error happens on page 5, we will show there is an error on page 1.

Here is an example

Below you can see an underpayment in Sequence 19429.

When you click on the sequence you can see the error is in the Extras and when you click on Extras it opens to display the error is in Sit-time.

When you click on Sit-time you will see the underpayment is in Duty-period 2 and when you click on Duty-period 2 you can see the underpayment is in the first flight.

If you drill down even further (not shown here) you can see the actual calculations we used to calculate the sit-time value.

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