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How do I update my passwords?

Check My Pay currently stores 3 different passwords.

  • Password to get access the union site
  • Password to log into DECS
  • Password to get into your Check My Pay account

In general the only password that requires a regular change is the DECs password and that needs to be updated in our system in order for us to pull the reports for your data. The union password will also need to be updated if you change that.

Change the password in the App

The easiest way for most users to change the DECs and union passwords is in the app, as shown in the steps below. When the passwords are changed we immediately go out to the union site and test if they work. Remember to be careful because if you enter the wrong DECs password too many times, the company will lock you out and you will have to reset the password again at the company site.

Change the password on the website

You can also log into the website and change the passwords under the Account tab.

Changing your Check My Pay password

We don’t require regular password changes to access Check My Pay, but you can if you want. To do it, go to the website and act as if you have forgotten your password when you log in (you may need to log out first). Once you begin the Forgot Password routine you will be able to change your password.

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