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Identifying company errors

Finding company errors is tricky if you are just looking at H1s and HSSs.  One reason the company errors happen is because calculating pay is so difficult that they must still do much of it by hand.  This means they make mistakes that cost you money and also sometimes make mistakes in your favor.

While we could detect the company errors in your favor we focus on the ones that go against you and try to identify those so we can make sure you get paid.

Whenever we detect a value that we show you should be paid, but the company does not show you should be paid we indicate it with a “1” superscript (usually in red)

Here is a sequence example.  As we look through the schedule we see this sequence is showing an error.

When we tap on it we find that there are actually two sources of errors: Premium and Extras.

Tapping on premium shows that we have to go in deeper to see the error.

And finally here we can see that we calculate more premium hours than the company shows it is paying.  (We could follow the same type of path with Extras)

The question remains, is this really an error for which the company will pay me?

To learn more about sources of these errors see this FAQ:

When I see a pay difference, does the company always owe me money?

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