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Months and data gap

The first page you will typically see on logging into the app is a list of the months that we have analyzed. 

The columns show the hours of pay credited and the total value (including non-hourly pay like meals and international override).  We show both projected pay and the amount earned so far. These two values will generally match for months that are already complete.

You may see the warning “Data Gap”.  This means at some point during the month we didn’t have access to the data, usually because a password was not working.  The calculations may still all be correct, but we just can’t be sure of it. Why?  Because information can be posted by the company and then removed and if we can’t access the data before they remove the info we can’t include that information in our calculations.

This data gap warning highlights the importance of making sure that you keep your passwords updated, especially the DECs password, since the company requires it to be updated each quarter.

The superscript “1” is reserved throughout the app to indicate that we have identified some pay that you have earned for which the company has not reported sufficient hours yet. There will be additional information inside the month.

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