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Not your average footnotes

In the Check My Pay app, footnotes are more important than usual. They are there to explain why, in a variety of situations, you are getting paid, or not getting paid. In a few places we even include some calculations that we just don’t have room for in the rest of the screen.

The most important footnote is the number “1”. That is reserved for situations where we have found an error by the company that is not in your favor. We have a whole section on that here.

But you will footnotes throughout the app. For instance, we usually explain, if you aren’t getting sit-time for a particular flight, then why not.

Notice that frequently the footnotes start with “3” as we have reserved “1” and “2” for special situations so don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. On the other hand you may see a footnote and not see item it is referencing if it is hidden. For instance on the page above, you would need to touch Extras to have it open and show Sit-time and it’s superscript 3.

If you are stuck understanding something in the app, we may need a footnote to explain. You aren’t likely to be the only one with questions. Let us know by clicking on Support so we can try to address the issue.

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