Project your pay

As soon as an item is posted we will project the value for the month. If there is a schedule change, the calculated values in the app will modify to display the changes. This means you can anticipate how much you will make and get the satisfaction of seeing your pay rise when you are reassigned.

Month list

Here is a view of the projected and earned for each month

Month summary

Inside the month the same numbers can be seen if click on the Summary tab. You can see your progress visually on the progress bar at the top (highlighted in yellow) which shows the projected value or see the amount projected by looking at the top value in the projected column.

Sequence in schedule

Below is a sequence still in progress and the app is already displaying the amount projected and the amount earned so far for the sequence. If you clicked on the sequence you could see the scheduled and completed flights, sit-time, meals, and international override. We also project total hard-time, F-time and G-time.

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