Show your earnings

Great for planning! Total projected pay for the each month is displayed on the home page. This value includes every piece of the pay puzzle from sit and premium to meals and international override. If your goal is X hours in a month or a total value of X dollars, the total projected month’s value is instantly displayed on the home page with each change that occurs – pick ups, drops, premium – everything.

Also, we show what you have earned for the month and for each sequence almost as soon as the money is earned. The company can take weeks to post changes, even after the month is over. They are always slow to post premium, international override, reassignment premium, sequence guarantee and sit.

Below is a sequence still in progress and the app is already displaying the amount earned so far for the sequence. Clicking on the sequence reveals the scheduled and completed flights.

To see the amount for the entire month click on the Summary tab. You can see your progress visually on the progress bar at the top (highlighted in yellow) or see the exact amount earned by looking at the top value in the earned column.

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