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The entire month – overview of the three tabs

When you click on a month you will be taken to a screen that has either two or three tabs: Schedule, Summary and Paycheck (shown here with all three).  These tabs provide an overview of your pay from three different perspectives.

Here is an overview to each tab with a link to pages that provide more in depth information.


The Schedule tab is the tab you will always see when you first open the month.  Think of the Schedule tab as the HI1 display. It shows items in the order in which they happen during the month.  Click here to see more about the Schedule tab.


The summary tab breaks down the items by type and groups them together.  It analyzes how the hours in the month are paid (i.e. premium hours reduced by sick time). Also notice that while the Schedule tab doesn’t show any totals the Summary tab does.  For information on why click here to see more about the Summary tab.


The paycheck tab appears after a month is complete.  On this tab we try to match the numbers and categories you find on your paysheet with our calculations.  To learn more click here to see details on the Paycheck tab.

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