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The Paycheck tab

In this tab we try to match our calculated values with the values you would find on your paycheck.  Since the paycheck is divided into upper and lower values, we have divided the values that way as well.  In this image you can just see some of the upper values.

Here are some things to note about this tab.

Appears at month end

This tab only appears after the month is over.  If we change this it will only be to leave a message saying the data will appear after the month is over.  There is no point to comparing to a paycheck that doesn’t yet exist and early numbers might be misleading.

We can’t access your paycheck

While we are able to automatically access many reports on your pay, but we cannot currently access your paycheck.  So you will need to do this comparison. Here is the link to further investigate how to compare the Paycheck Tab to the company numbers: https://learn.checkmypay.com/knowledge-base/comparing-a-company-paycheck-with-the-paycheck-tab/

The Paycheck Tab is frequently updated to use the same categories that the company is currently using for similar pay categories.

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