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The Schedule tab

In this tab we list items in the date order in which they appear.  Most items occur on a single day.  The exceptions are Sequences (including hybrid periods) and out-of-base Training Meals.  Those items are listed just once for the entire period they cover.  If there are other items that overlap them (say Distance Learning), then they will be placed just before the Sequence or Training Meals.

Some items don’t need any more information, like a schedule day off as shown above.  But other items will need more explanation and those have a right arrow next to them, like the sequence above.  When you click on those tiles you will be taken further in for more information.

One thing you may notice on this page is that while we have a lot of numbers, there are no summary values.  This is because there are many items that go into pay that aren’t associated directly with a single day or even period. 

For instance, reserve guarantee is for the entire month and the value of that guarantee must be compared with the value of the sequences flown.  So, for totals you will need to look at the Summary tab. 

Below we have a very long mockup that displays all the different items you might see on the schedule tab.

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