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The Summary tab

In the summary tab we add everything up and get the total for the month. We can get a total here because we divide up the pay into categories and include monthly items, like Reserve Guarantee, which does not have a specific date and is also offset by the amount of regular base pay earned during the month.

As a part of this we divide all pay into 4 groups: Pensionable Pay, Pensionable Additions, Non-Pensionable Pay and Non-Pensionable Additions.

Within these groups we sort by the most valuable category first.  So, most months, the most valuable category in Pensionable Pay will be Sequence Base Pay, so that will usually appear at the top, but some months it may be Training or some other category.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up to the most important category, Pensionable Pay.  (Note that the images are from a mockup that displays all of the categories, so the numbers will not all add up in this presentation.)

Non-Pensionable Additions

The only item we have in this category is Sick Payout, which happens once a year if you qualify. Sick payout does not count toward your pension.

Non-Pensionable Pay

All meals are non-pensionable.  We divide them up, as the company does, into domestic-international and taxable-non-taxable.  Basically meals are taxable if you are only gone for one duty period.

Pensionable Additions

These are sporadic or annual pay-outs.  Misc Pay may include a pay-out for a claim you made for an underpayment from the previous month that Check My Pay found for you.

Pensionable Pay

Most of your pay will fit in these categories.  Some are pretty self-explanatory, others may be trickier to understand.  If you find any confusion, please contact us on Support link to the right and maybe we will even write a post about it!

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