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More on Using the App to Indentify Potential Company Pay Errors

Our calculations are very accurate and becoming better each month, but sometimes the company changes the way they report their information and sometimes we discover errors in our software. That means we can report that you are due money when you are not.

These are called “false positives” and they have the potential to hide valid finds of company mistakes. We want to ensure you receive all the pay you are due. This guide will help you separate out that wheat from the chaff. We calculate the premium, sit, IO (international override) and other values immediately. The company may take several days or even weeks to post their information. Sit, IO and other “extras,” as we call them, usually post within 5 or 10 days after a sequence is complete. The company is extremely slow at posting premium values. They usually post premium on the 6th or 7th of the following month. 

We will continue to improve the Check My Pay system to make this more seamless for you. Below is a guide to help you quickly assess there is a company error. Differences between company hours and Check My Pay calculated hours results in numbers appearing in red. These situations need to be examined to see if they are valid. If a sequence is red, it takes only a few taps on the app with a crosscheck of the HI1 or HI3 to see if there might be pay due. First, here is a valid case. If you see a situation like this one, please notify us so that we may verify:

A look at the duty period shows pay may be due for both straight and premium pay:

The HI3 verifies the company’s mistake:


False positives occur when the company posts time but our system does not assign it correctly.

Premium: The company places premium for sequences in a variety of places and sometimes adjacent to a date not associated with the sequence. Most premium is matched to the correct sequence, but sometimes it is not.

Sit false positive: Here the company straight sit time and the premium was not captured. Of course, our system has improved since 2021, but a false positive is still possible. It is a quick verification to see that the company did pay the sit and premium portions:

Whenever there is red in a sequence, please check the values versus the HI1 or HI3 and let us know if you believe there is a potential case. A message can be sent to us here at learn.checkmypay.com/submit-a-ticket/ 



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