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When I see a pay difference, does the company always owe me money?

When we detect a difference between our calculation for what you are owed and what the company thinks you are owed we highlight it in red with a 1 superscript as shown below:

(You can set the minimum threshold for this as shown in this article).

It won’t hurt to file for the money right away, but here are some reasons for why this highlight appears:

The company hasn’t posted the hours yet.

We post the projected hours as soon as a sequence is added and the earned hours as soon as the sequence is over. The company may take more than a month after a sequence is done, and the month may be over, before posting some of the hours of a sequence.  So, you may need to be patient.

Company employees post (and calculate) information in different ways. 

When checking with Pay Comp it is not unusual to hear “The way I calculate it is….”. While we try to capture all the ways they can post the info, sometimes they post values using a method that we haven’t seen.

The company sometimes enters weird information. 

For instance, we have seen flights with a scheduled length of 60 hours.  Obviously that isn’t right, and they correct it later, but then we have to figure out how we are going to handle it.  We can’t just ignore the error since you are supposed to be guaranteed the original flight length.

The company doesn’t always break out the pay. 

For instance, if there is operational experience with training flights, we break out all the calculations to show the net pay. The company just posts what they determine is the greater of the two.  If they come up with a number that is too low it is difficult to pinpoint where the error occurred.

Sometimes we make mistakes.

Shocking I know.  Calculating your pay isn’t easy.  But the great thing is that by using Check My Pay you have two sets of eyes going over your paycheck.  It is possible for both the company and us to make the same mistake, but unlikely.  When we find an error in our calculations, we work to fix it, so that the mistakes are narrowed down with each passing month.

The company made a mistake!

That is the main reason we are here.  To help you collect the full pay you are owed. Our system looks for pay you are owed whether you check the app or not. When we find one, we notify you and tell you exactly how to file your claim.

I just signed up. Why do I have sequences that show hours, but no dollar value? Why is my first month inaccurate?

The Check My Pay system needs real-time from start to finish for accuracy. If a sequence was dropped prior to registration, your name no longer appears on it so it will not show as paid. The same logic affects sequences that had been reassigned or in recovery obligation prior to registration. The system cannot detect a reassignment or the effects of recovery obligation if the only HI3 that is pulled shows a completed sequence. Sequences started after registration should be accurate.

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